Liquid Fertiliser

Tuna Hydrolysate

• Contains a wide spectrum of major nutrients and trace elements to enhance growth and plant health. Can be used as a foliar spray and also ground applications.
• Processed from Wild caught Australian Tuna.
• Promotes strong healthy growth, increases resistance to pests and diseases in lawns, flowering plants, vegetables and fruit.
• Is an organic fertilizer, soil biology feed and revitaliser produced from fresh tuna
• Enhances growth of beneficial organisms and earthworms
• Inhibits disease, mould and pest attack
• Enhances flavour and texture of crops
• Can be used as a foliar spray and for ground application
• Is easy to handle and simple to apply by spray equipment & fertigation
• Is suitable for all soils, pastures, crops, ornamentals, trees and vegetables
• Is environmentally friendly and safe to plants

The product is classified as Hydrolysate because it uses naturally occurring enzymes and the process never exceeds 50 degrees Celsius which means nutrients are not de-natured. It is not called “Emulsion” as emulsion is made from boiling fish waste or fish meal at high temperatures with added water as this is inferior.

Available in 1, 20 & 1000 litre containers