Game Meats

Emu and Ostrich meats are the richest, leanest and most succulent red meats imaginable. They will simply melt in your mouth. Only the finest fillet, steak and trim are used making the meat quick and easy to prepare on a BBQ, roasted or stir-fried. Both meats have a low fat content, need no trimming and have a distinctive natural sweetness when cooked to perfection. Because of their low fat content, they cook faster than other red meats and care must be taken not to overcook. These meats are best served medium to medium rare. The flavour of these meats is very delicate, so to enjoy it to the fullest there is no need to marinate, however if preferred just add your favourite sauce. Our meats are processed in accredited government and export approved abattoirs, which are subject to strict quality controls.

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