Ostrich Leather

With its distinctive quill pattern and unique properties, ostrich leather is sought after by some of the world’s leading fashion houses. It’s superbly scuff resistant and durable yet soft as a feather. Ostrich leather can be coloured to a variety of shades and finishes. Our ostrich leather is full aniline or drum dyed and has been independently assessed. It also passes stringent tests for stretching, wearability and colourfastness.

An ideal ostrich hide yields on average 1.2 – 1.5 square metres of leather. There are two parts to the leather – the quill marked section, which accounts for approximately 40% of the skin and the delicately lined remainder. No two skins are the same as each has a unique character and grain.

Ostrich leather is used for garments, shoes, accessories, furniture and automotive upholsters to name but a few. Please contact us with your enquires.

Ostrich Leather Test Results

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