Emu Oil

Emu oil is derived from farm bred emus raised on wholesome grain based rations supplemented with pasture. The emu is native to Australia and is protected by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). The purpose of the Convention is to ensure that birds are not taken from the wild for commercial purposes, and this convention is strictly observed.
Emu oil comes from the rendered fat of the emu, which is filtered and treated. After this treatment, the oil is odourless and either a clear liquid or cloudily viscous, depending on temperature. The product is natural emu oil 100% pure. Emu oil is usually applied topically to the skin but can be taken orally if the preparation is in accordance with Australian and New Zealand Food Authority (ANZFA) guidelines for edible fats, oils and dietary supplements.

The benefits of Emu Oil had been discovered by Australia’s indigenous people long before white settlers began using it. Modern research now confirms that the many beliefs are justified and it does in fact have significant benefits when taken orally or applied topically. The benefits can be attributed to the oils highly penetrative qualities. It is fast absorbing and hypoallergenic.

Emu Oil is high in Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9 fatty acids (the healthy fats) which are essential for good health and which are involved in many processes within the body, including growth, energy and nervous function. Two of the key essential fatty acids found in emu Oil are: linolenic and oleic acid. Results indicate that the oil is highest in monosaturated fatty acids, with lower amounts of saturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Emu Oil is very economical; a few drops will moisturize your whole face. It doesn’t clog pores, its hypo-allergenic and above all its 100% natural.
There are many claims regarding the properties of emu oil, some endorsed by qualified professionals and others by users of the oil. Over the past 10 to 15 years research has been conducted in Australia and the USA on emu oil. The studies in Australia were in the most part funded by the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation, a federal government funded body.

In recent times Emu Oil has been researched extensively. Benefits that we would like to bring to your attention include:
• Reduced irritation of the skin.
• Reduced formation of keloid tissue.
• Promotes faster healing especially in relation to burns.
• Is a powerful moisturizer that has deep penetrating qualities that nourish, revitalise, protect and soften the skin.
• Emu oil’s ability to penetrate easily through the stratum corneum barrier

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